The Happy Healthy HERStory Tour

The Happy Healthy HERStory Tour encapsulates the body of knowledge of Patricia Russell-McCloud, J.D., Jodi Merriday, Ph.D. and a notable woman with
expertise in the field of Health (to be solidified per sponsor/partner) (e.g. Daphne Oz, A.J. Johnson, etc.) to present messaging that inspires, educates and directs women toward the attainment of happiness, health and balance.

The focal event of the Happy Healthy HERStory Tour is the HALF-DAY
CONFERENCE which will deliver content focused on the culmination of “new beauty” (health, leadership, service and authentic friendship) to women climbing the ladders of education and professional life while managing spirit, family and self care (4-hrs).

The second event option of the Happy Healthy HERStory Tour is the MINI
CONFERENCE which folds core messaging into an abbreviated presentation and a social mixer/book signing (2-hours).

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